Aaron Tveit Way - Middletown, New York (The Unveiling)

A Middie myself, I was happy to find out that Horton Hospital wouldn’t be demolished, and that they had instead turned it into a medical college! I was also happy to find out that Middletown would be naming a street after Mr. Tveit! The sign is strategically placed outside of the Paramount theatre, where I spent most of my childhood attending plays, musicals and concerts. 

Of course, these two events going on in my hometown meant I absolutely had to attend! I’m glad I did, and I’m thankful I got the opportunity to snag some photos as well!

Now I want to slip in a little thank-you to Mr. Tveit, who was sweet and patient, and took a photo with me and signed some things as well (which I likely will not be posting.)




becoming friends with someone who also loves musical theatre


Anonymous asked:
the movie:-)!

i’m sorry i dont know! i’ve searched but nothing has come up

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hi i was wondering if you knew what the song is called that plays in the background when billy opens his acceptance letter btw, i adore your blog x

hi :) thank you! are you referring to the movie or musical? x

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25 Songs of Christmas

15. “Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher” performed by the original cast of Billy Elliot The Musical

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Oi, dancing boy!